Here’s your copy of the 4 Day Workweek for Freelancers!

Click here to view and download the digital version!

As a bonus, on this page are two videos that will help you towards your Four Day Workweek!.

The first video is a break down of our MAKER™ Workflow you’ll find at the bottom of this page. This is the core of The Freelance Co-op System and the one thing you’ll want to put into practice in your business today.

The second is the “10 Minute Exercise” which you’ll want to complete as the first step to finding where the best place to focus your days.

Can’t wait to talk soon!

The Workflow Every Creative Freelance Business Needs

The whole membership is built around the 18 step Maker workflow that takes you step-by-step through the process of operating a successful freelance business.

The 10-Minute Exercise to Save 10 Hours Per Week

Want to know where to start in improving your business? This is the place to start.

(Hint: The workshop starts at 5:21, but if you enjoy Johnny Cash, feel free to listen to the first 5 minutes as well)